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My Affiliates (and other Links)

Monthly Sketch Dump
My Affiliates (and other Links)

You guys should go visit these... they rock!

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This is an awesome Avatar: The Last Air Bender Fansite run by a friend of mine. Go check it out, participate in the caption contest, comment in the forums,  browse their own Avatar fanart, and much, much more!
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Forum run by another one of my friends. This site has contest (to win real prizes), RPG (when the GM actually goes there...), and much much more! Go check it out and Join it. I, Amiki, am a moderator there-- so... You are welcome, unless you are a dirty kid that I need to ban. Mwahahahaha...
Awesome comic hosting site, I recommend it if you are just getting started and know a little bit about HTML. 

Very cool comic. It's -EXTREMELY- well drawn and organized, not to mention it has a great story, go check it out!

Grab this pic if I'm one of your affiliates! woot! (Please let me know if I am so I can put your picture and a link up here.)